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Project Smile is an initiative by one of Nigeria’s leading dental clinics that seeks to impact the lives of those individuals unlucky to be affected by dental flaws that has had them stigmatized all their lives. These flaws range from over-crowded, protruding and discoloured teeth to far more complex cases. This scheme seeks to award one such deserving individual a chance in a life time to correct this and have the perfect teeth.


What is it worth?

Being free to be yourself can’t be quantified. To go from the nervousness of meeting people or even ultimately avoiding them, to dazzling people with what we call a perfect smile. Using proven modern techniques, our internationally trained orthodontists will correct and perfect the teeth and transform our winners smile into something to behold.



Project Smile is structured in 3 phases and goes into recess at the last phase where preparation for the next edition builds up

  • Phase 1: Call-to-Entry Phase
  • The Competition launches on World Oral Health Day, March 20th 2014 and is followed by an awareness campaign to invite target audience to register for the contest by sending in their story of not more than 360 words.  This phase lasts for 5 weeks.


  • Phase 2: Selection & Nomination Phase

Following the collection of entries, the stories are screened under certain criteria and conditions that determine eligibility of entries. Three stories are selected as nominees to meet with a Panel of Judges including a ‘Celebrity Judge’. The panel of Judges will determine the three nominees in three different levels of winning categories- Severe, Moderate, and Mild.

  • Phase 3: Smile Make Over Phase

The last phase is the treatment phase. All three winners will commence their smile make over treatment.


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