Project Smile kicks off ‘Adopt-a-Smile’ campaign - Project Smile

Project Smile kicks off ‘Adopt-a-Smile’ campaign

Date: 25 Sep, 2016 No Comments

On this year’s World Oral Health Day, foremost Smile makeover initiative, Project Smile continued promotion of oral health issues and the importance of oral hygiene through its “Project Smile 3.0”
with a parallel theme as the World Oral Health Day 2015- ‘Smile for life!’campaign through the newly introduced ‘Adopt-a-Smile’ initiative.

Speaking in Lagos, a dentist and an orthodontist, Dr. Amy Traore-Shumbusho noted that the World Oral Health Day is a parallel platform and serves as launch pad for the Project Smile initiative as set aside by the World Dental Federation to give attention to oral healthcare and dental matters on a global scale.

“Last year, on this platform, we said we would celebrate healthy smiles as a demonstration of the WOHD theme in 2014. We have done that by transforming the lives of nine Nigerians who never thought they could have a confident smile. On May 24, 2014 when three nominees out of 15 nominees emerged winners and additional six nominees were sponsored by individuals on sympathetic grounds, we delivered on our promise to ‘Celebrate Healthy Smiles’. Today, on this same platform, we are aligning with the WOHD 2015 theme- ‘Smile for life!’ to seek and impact the lives of persons who suffer from social stigma due to deformed or flawed dentition such as over-crowded, protruding and discoloured teeth and far more complex cases.” She explained.

Dr Shumbusho said the initiative was designed to take sponsorship of Project Smile to a new dimension by engaging individuals to sponsor the smile makeover treatment of the other nominees who couldn’t emerge winners.

“As we launch Project Smile 3.0, I am excited to announce to the public that an 8-week call-for-entry/call-to-entry begins today. Contestants can visit the Project Smile website with their required bio data, picture, and story in no more 360 words.”

Source: Vanguard News

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