2014 Winner

Adekoya Tosin


Project Smile is an answer to a prayer. Its a dream come true. Growing up with a major dental flaw is quite an unpleasant affair. You get called names, you freak people out and those who want to meet you see your teeth and are taken aback. I wasn’t able to fix my dental flaw till I was 30 and by then, I figured it would be a long, painful and expensive affair.

But, that’s where Project Smile became the answer to my prayer. I saw the ad on Linda Ikeji’s blog and entered for it. I felt I had nothing to lose anyway. Coming out as the winner of the severe category was the highlight of my year. My 2014 was made. I needed little else.?

What made it even more amazing was discovering that Smile 360 practises painless dentistry. There’ll be a little discomfort from time to time but, compared to the regular dentistry that we are all familiar with, this painless dentistry. The absolutely beautiful environment, the uber friendly staff, the state of the art equipment, the latest technologies being used, the expertise of the staff, Dr Amy’s smiling face and soothing words, oh, let’s not forget, I even met a celebrity. Dr Sid. Even now in 2015, I’m still searching for an experience that comes close to winning Project Smile and taking away my fears about dental procedures.  I couldn’t stop talking about them. You know the beautiful thing about correcting a major dental flaw? It didn’t matter that treatment had just begun. The fact that when I smiled, people saw the braces and saw that here was someone fixing something about her that she didn’t like was the best feeling ever. I couldn’t stop grinning at people for the flimsiest of reasons. Infact, i’m looking at my pictures and I think I grin too much.

Project Smile has really been a dream come true. It brought good feelings I hadn’t gotten in my years.? Its a blessing. A really big one. It’s even inspired me to give back to society when I can to.

Thank you so much, Project Smile. Thank you Oral B and Smile 360. You guys can’t imagine the huge change winning Project Smile is making in this lady’s life.?