Group kicks off smile alive campaign - Project Smile

Group kicks off smile alive campaign

Date: 06 Apr, 2017 No Comments

On the heels of World Oral Health Day, foremost smile makeover initiative, Project Smile, has kicked off with a new theme campaign “Smile Alive”.

The season four of the initiative, which was flagged off with a media launch has retained sponsorship support of Oral-B, Megalectric Ltd, Smile360 Dental Specialists and attracted new support from the stable of  TVC and Lagos Television.

The Initiator, Project Smile 4.0, Amy Traore-Shumbusho, while briefing newsmen recently at smile360 dental centre, in Lagos, said initiative is about smile as a gift to share and giving opportunity to persons who can’t afford to share smiling gift, due to dental defect or flaw.

Traore-Shumbosho added that World Oral Health Day (WOHD), has traditionally become that platform to launch the opportunity.

According to her, WOHD is a parallel platform, hence it serves as launching pad for project smile initiative as it is a day set aside by FDI World Dental Federation to give attention to oral healthcare, dental matters and issues on a global scale.

“As we launch the fourth season, it is pertinent to mention that a total of seventeen young men and women spread across the country have become beneficiaries out of which more than 50% have completed their smile makeover treatment,” She noted.

Traore-Shumbosho said further that the Project Smile initiative also aims to align with ideals of the FDI World Dental Federation through WOHD, to promote basic oral healthcare and advocate a widespread recognition of dentistry.

The initiator elucidated that not many people pay attention to health of their mouth, which is called Oral Health and in the universe of healthcare, Oral Health has yet to become reckoned with as other fields of medicine.

“It’s impressive the work that World Dental Federation and its country chapters such as Nigeria Dental Association have been doing to raise awareness, sensitize and influence behaviors towards adopting basic oral hygiene,” she said.

Traore-shumbushu explained that “Smile Alive” theme takes project smile from the idea or perception of an absolute dentistry initiative to a new frontier and repositioning, where lifestyle meets dentistry because individuals whom Project Smile aims at, have had their lives affected by their mouth.

“This is also what theme of WOHD 2017 “live Mouth Smart” is about,” the initiator added.

According to her, season four of the initiative scheme seeks to award such deserving individuals a chance in a life time to correct and have perfect teeth.

The initiator, who emphasized that project is only open to persons from age eighteen and above, therefore, announced that a call-to-entry campaign has automatically begun from now.

“As we launch project smile 4.0, I am excited to announce to public that 8-week call-for-entry/call-to-entry begins now,” she said.

She called on the targeted audience in public who must be from age eighteen and above to watch out for publicity materials such as the website, radio jingles, hypes, outdoor advertising and social media sites for more information on how to participate and take advantage of call-for-entry phase to stand the chance of being a beneficiary.

“Entry is simple! Contestants only need to visit the Project Smile website “” to enter their required bio data, picture, and story not more than 360 words,” Traore-shumbushu elucidated.

One of the beneficiaries, Emem, who expressed her gratitude to the initiator of project smile, explained defect started from childhood, but with the help of the initiative, she could speak confidently in public.

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